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Comprehensive library of 5Z Culture documentation, videos and events

5Z Culture Information

Benefits for managers

leadership in healthy companies under the 5Z Culture model
  • Organise and consolidate
  • Standardise
  • Demonstrate your social commitment
  • Become a world-class company
  • Comprehensive and holistic vision

5z Methodology Healthy Company

Presentation guide of the 5z Methodology Healthy Company by FiORP

  • Who we are
  • The model
  • 5Z around the world
  • The 5Z tool
  • Zero Accidents
  • Zero Diseases
  • Zero Waste
  • Zero Inequality
  • Zero Unawareness
  • The 5Z Seal

The Ten rules for a 5Z healthy companies

Infographic on the 10 defining qualities of a healthy 5Z company.

Zero Accidents Infographic

Why we want to create safe companies

  1. Manage risks
  2. Investigate accidents
  3. Manage hygienic risk factors
  4. Tackle ergonomic risk factors
  5. Road safety
  6. Leadership and participation

Zero Waste Infographic

Why we want to create sustainable companies

  1. Environmental policy
  2. Solid waste
  3. Energy
  4. Water
  5. Emissions
  6. Process management

Zero Diseases Infographic

Why we want to create healthy companies

  1. Health surveillance
  2. Psychosocial health
  3. Absenteeism & presenteeism
  4. Health promotion: nutrition and physical activity
  5. First aid
  6. Occupational diseases

Zero Unawareness Infographic

Why we want to create unique companies

  1. Training
  2. Transparency
  3. Organisation
  4. Communication
  5. Information systems
  6. Digitalisation

Zero Inequality Infographic

Why we want to create caring companies

  1. Violence
  2. Organisational politics
  3. Justice
  4. Equality
  5. Inclusiveness
  6. Socially responsible

The 5Z Healthy Company process

Learn the steps to certify as a healthy company with the 5Z Seal of Approval.

  • Access
  • Self Diagnostic
  • Performance chart
  • Presentation of results
  • Action plan
  • Audit
  • Evaluation of results
  • Certification

Why be part of 5Z?

Form part of a revolutionary way of doing business

  • Healthy companies
  • Comprehensive and integral vision
  • The community
  • It’s good business
  • Agenda 2030

What is 5Z?

5Z Healthy Company

  • Zero Accidents… for SAFER companies
  • Zero Diseases… for HEALTHIER companies
  • Zero Waste… for more SUSTAINABLE companies
  • Zero Inequality… for more INCLUSIVE companies
  • Zero UNAWARENESS… for more TRANSPARENT companies

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