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5Z Seal

Certificate of commitment to business excellence

Certificate of commitment to business excellence


Score to certify 5Z Transparent Seal


Score to certify 5Z Seal of Excellence

2 years

Validity of certificates until renewal

The process

Any company that wishes to show that its business management meets the requirements to be classified as a Healthy Business can request FiORP to schedule a Certification Audit.

The audit criteria are based on the 5Z Healthy Company model and will reflect the reality of the corporate management. After the audit, if the company achieves 3500 points or more as a total score in all 5 dimensions, it will be eligible for the 5Z Transparent Seal

A company wishing to strive for continuous improvement, after having achieved the 5Z Transparent Seal or, alternatively, if its business practices are strong enough to score more than 4200 points in the audit criteria of the 5Z Healthy Company Model, it could be awarded the 5Z Excellence Seal.

This is the highest business recognition and reflects a commitment to building a Transparent Healthy Business Culture: safe, sustainable, healthy, caring y accountable.

How can I earn the 5Z seal?

The Culture 5Z Healthy Enterprise Model enables organisations to achieve excellence through continuous improvement.